Walls & foundations

(solid masonry, brick veneer, curtain wall systems, exterior insulation and finish system, foundation wall, etc.)

Our walls services benefits real estate managers and professionals mandated to develop preventive and corrective measures.

Visual Survey

Locate on elevations, any vertical envelope failures that could jeopardize sustainability

Non-Destructive Testing, by Instrumentation

A scan using an infrared thermographic camera or capacitance apparatus

Destructive Testing (Exploratory Openings)

Openings of approximately 16 x 16 inches in order to validate existing composition and to measure the moisture content of the various assembly components

Compliance Testing

Coordination of compliance testing of building envelope elements and the interpretation of results

Evaluation of System Condition

Assessment of risk levels due to the presence of water and remaining life estimates

Management Program

  • Development of management programs tailored to the needs of the Client, aiding in the preparation of budgets accordingly
  • Management of urgent work and warrantees

Plans and Specifications (Remedial Work)

Production of plans and specifications for the execution of works and the preparation of tender documents for submission

Supervision (Partial or Complete)

GCLT offers the Client peace of mind thanks to our quality control during the execution of work for the vertical envelope